Gift Wrapping

As part of my ‘let’s participate’ plan, I signed up for a holiday gift exchange! It’s now fine to post it, so here goes.

I had a bit of trouble with the prompt I was given, as the request was much more fic-based than geared towards art:

Steve’s got Tony wrapped around his little finger and doesn’t even realize it. And they’re not even together (yet). But Tony’s got a plan for that and it’s in motion and he’s a genius so it should go perfectly…right?

Extra happiness if 1) other Avengers (incl. Bucky and Sam) end up involved, 2) there’s porn, 3) there are cats

So I asked for a more visual request, something that was easier to draw… the person came up with this:

Hmm, a scene where Steve’s just making an off-handed comment about wanting something and Tony going out of his way to get it for him while slipping in a really failed attempt to ask for a date? Then another where someone points out to Steve that he’s got Tony wrapped around his finger and Tony’s probably into him and Steve is blushy and hopeful-dismissive like ‘he’s not into me like that…is he?’. And in the end Steve making a comment like ‘I wish Tony would ask me on a date’ when he knows Tony’s listening around the corner so Tony will finally ask him properly.
Or if it’s more fun, Steve coming across Tony tying himself up to be Steve’s present for Christmas/New Year’s/some holiday.

Which still didn’t fit the bill exactly for me, as I was hoping for a preferred medium or a composition idea. But! In the end, I prevailed and turned out not one, but two pieces of art, which I am not too unhappy with. I used pencil to sketch everything out, then went over the sketch with a fine black pen.


I even managed to incorporate 2 bonus points (I ignored the second one completely), and some of the prompt!


As always, the scanner seems to have blurred everything up, even at high definition :/ Just imagine it sharper, and let me know what you think!

– Let’s call me Lily


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