Wonted Wake-up

I tugged on the blinds, so that they moved up,

an inch, a bit more than an inch;

how much is an inch anyway?

so that I could peer through the gap

(I bent and lifted the blind outwards  a little)

and check whether it was sunny or not.

I needed to know,

so that I could get dressed.

Two people, standing on the sidewalk opposite me, across

the motorway off ramp –


hello. I did not want to see you there.

I happen to be wearing a shirt and undies

my pyjamas,

and that is why I am awkwardly peering around my annoying blind

(why not curtains, or blinds that have slits?)

I certainly don’t want to be waved at by strange people

staring at my dark window (why are they just standing there?

Weirdos) that I … may know?

I get my glasses to make sure.

I am still in just a T-shirt, but I manoeuvre. They will not see that.

I check again. Yes. they are strangers.

I squint at them for a bit.

I get dressed.


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