AMOK 2015

A Melee Of Kindness – an event organised by Random Acts Charity, this is all about thinking about other people. We’re encouraged to make th 21st March a day of random acts of kindness, whether it is handing out chocolates on the street, volunteering in a soup kitchen or visiting and cheering up some elderly folks. Or baking your friends a cake.

That’s why I’m up at half past two in the morning, trying to think of how to articulate my gratitude towards my parents (because it’s really time I told them properly. With words.) As a student living in a hall, I don’t have very many resources at my disposal – not even paper, as I discovered! (I went and got some) it was a bit hard to think of what I could and wanted to do – baking was, unfortunately, out of the question, and the soup kitchen doesn’t need volunteers. So, my plan is 4-fold.

  1. Fold paper cranes. Write cheery colourful messages on paper cranes. Put them in the cubby holes for people’s letters in the morning, so whoever goes to check the mail will not be disappointed, because they will find a paper crane with a colourful message on it (or so I hope).
  2. Make a sign. My window points directly towards a main road, and the walkway/footpath is level to my floor (I have to be careful when taking my clothes off, let me tell you! The blinds are very important.) I painted colourful letters (an A4 each) and have stuck them to my window, so that tomorrow, when people walk past and stare, as they inevitably do, or when cars are waiting at the traffic lights and their drivers glance over, they will see my sign and, hopefully, take something from it. (I have no camera to take a photo of this to show you, but it says Smile. You are amazing. Colourfully 🙂 )
  3. Write emails to my friends and family, letting them know what I admire and appreciate about them. Because I don’t normally express these things in words, and I should.
  4. Go for a walk in the cbd and see of anything pops up – buy a meal for someone, or help carry something. Who knows?


This is another reason why my studying is being neglected. It’s a good way of procrastinating, don’t you think?


I hope your weekends are full of unexpected acts of kindness, and that you take a moment to think about what you could do to make someone’s life that little bit brighter or easier.

-Let’s call me Lily




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