Running AMOK (okay, stumbling)

So… as part of AMOK, I thought that in the evening, I’d go out and buy some dinner for the homeless people around my area (ie very close to me, because I’d also be trying to break in my new shoes, which I got blisters from, ouch). I even had a plan!! I wandered around and counted how many were around, then thought for a bit and decided that if I were homeless I’d rather have something savoury, not a muffin, and considering my options, I’d get them some subways. Because I wasn’t buying McDonald or BK. So then I waited while they were being made, got some change to give to the Chinese busker – not racist! He said thank you to me in Chinese, that’s how I know – and went off to find them again.
I thought I was going crazy. They weren’t there!!! Instead, it was suddenly mostly empty, and there were only a couple left. This weirded me out for a bit, I kind of went back and forth trying to figure out if I was in the right place. Then I realised that it had probably been a shift change, because I’m pretty sure that people can only hang around busking or begging or sleeping etc, for an hour in a public place with no license? Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I approached a man, and this is the part I was really dreading.
Because how do you just go up to someone and ask them if they’d fancy a sandwich, when you don’t know if you got the right fillings, and you don’t want to make it seem like pity? Anyway, I did it, and he thanked me, and I thanked him, and then I kept going.
Then there was a weird thing – there was a dude loitering around a Westpac cashout machine. And he wasn’t doing anything, but he also wasn’t sitting with a cap or anything, so I thought I’d go check it out, see if he was lost or whatever. And I smile, and say hi, and I’m about to go into my line of questioning, when he asks me if I speak Spanish (in Spanish). So I say, no, sorry, because I don’t, and then he asks if I come from Europe. To which I replied no and said have a good evening and goodbye, and walked off, all the while thinking that I never should have watched that movie, Taken, with the kidnapping in Paris because I was probably being overly suspicious. I then came across a backpacking busker with a travel guitar and a big backpack, who hadn’t eaten because nobody had given him anything, though he’d been playing all day, so I gave him the other subway and some coins that I’d meant to save for washing day, since the machine only accepts $2 coins.
I’m thinking of maybe making it a more organised weekly thing, and maybe finding somewhere nice and healthy and cheap and just doing a round once a week to a couple of people. Since I know that all the students in my hall are spending at least $50 a week on food , not to mention the alcohol. (I personally don’t see why they keep ordering pizza and sushi and coffees etc, when there is an unlimited coffee machine [which does hot chocolate, too!] in the dining room, and we’re allowed as many seconds as we like in the last half hour of the meal period. ) I’ve spent $3.00 so far, and that was on some fruit because I was tired of apples, so I technically have a lot more money to spend on other things, and it’s all currently sitting in my bank account. Hence the deliberation of whether to make it a weekly thing.
And that is the story of my final AMOK task, as designated by me when planning this thing out 🙂
I’d love to hear your experiences of AMOK, either on the receiving or the giving end!! Or, in general, and acts of kindness that you’ve seen, done, or received 🙂
-Let’s call me Lily

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