It’s That Time Of Year Again

Birthdays suck when you are alone. That is the conclusion that I have come to today. (Facebook messages really don’t make much of an impression, especially when they’re as insubstantial as a Happy B Day. Although they’re better than nothing, I guess, and one friend did have a chat with me on skype which was lovely).

So I tried something new. I went out and bought some cough drops for myself, and, ignoring the mounting headache, walked around for a bit handing out cupcakes. I met a busker who would have loved a red velvet cupcake but couldn’t because he needed a high-protein diet, and he’d already eaten three ice-creams today (I was very impressed). I gave a cupcake to a dude spraypainting planets on tshirts and doing spray-painting canvases of the universe. His fingers were so rough and stained at their tips that I almost thought the paint was permanent, but it probably washes off after he scrubs real hard.

I met two travelers, going round New Zealand separately but busking together for the meantime – the younger one, the American one, told me it was his birthday today as well, which was an amazing bit of happenstance! I gave a cupcake to one of the ‘save the children’ people on the street trying to promote involvement in whatever humanitarian action it was, and to a man playing the most beautiful music on a sort of big metal upside-down bowl-looking thing.

I also bought some sandwiches, a muffin and a coffee for a homeless man I happened to pass by – which was kind of really awkward, because while I was in the shop buying the stuff for him (I asked him for preferences, but he just said a sandwich, so I was having a bit of trouble choosing), I heard him start yelling profanities at passersby. Which isn’t a such a considerate thing to do, no matter if you’re homeless or not. And then I walked out of the shop and gave him what I’d bought, and he said “God bless you”, which I’m sure he meant as a good thing, but really, I don’t want God to bless me, I’m not doing it for God; I don’t even know what God he was referring to. And I just said thanks and walked away.

I hope y’all had a great start to April, and that the month brings you happy tidings and even happier moments of laughter. -Let’s call me Lily


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