New Zealand Doesn’t Have Humvees, I’m Pretty Sure

The New Zealand military doesn’t really see any intra-national combat – they’re sent out on UN peacekeeping missions, and for overseas tours instead. As such, they don’t require Humvees, as far as I’m aware.


This is unfortunate, because of this extremely difficulty GIsHWHeS task:

VIDEO. Let’s see a military cargo helicopter hoist a Humvee into the air. On the Humvee is a banner that reads, “GISHWHES does the heavy lifting.”

That’s right! Not only do you need the necessary connections for this task, you also need to somehow convince the military to use up a lot of fuel and money in order to do something for no apparent reason… except for the fact that GIsHWHeS overlord Misha has dictated it be so.


Does anyone out there happen to miraculously, a) know about this blog and b) have the ability to do this task? If so, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could contact me before the week is up!

– Let’s Call Me Lily


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