Blog Content Rules

Over two years into this blog, I’ve just realised that way back at the beginning, I never did any safety precautions. Oops…

I am so so sorry if anything I have written about has really upset you or triggered you or made you emotionally unstable or reduced you to tears; while I don’t think I did post anything that should provoke these emotions, if I did, please accept my sincere apologies and I hope that if anyone ever reading this blog ever does come across such content, you will let me know. It is not my aim to evoke negative or harming emotions, nor do I think it is acceptable for someone to use my words to cause anyone deliberate suffering.

Some quick facts:

  • This blog does tend to air some opinions (such as pro-gay,  -human rights and -gender equality based views), but I will always try to respect others’ opinions, and if I agree or disagree with something, I will attempt to justify my view.
  • I do criticize films and books, but I do not ‘hate’ on any particular topic or being. If you feel that I am being unfair, I would welcome your advice on how to make my views authentic and accurate.
  • If I believe that something I write may be triggering, I will put up a trigger warning both within the post and as a tag, and I always try to tag accurately, although I am a bit of an amateur at this. (So, please, if you would like me to amend something, do contact me.)
  • If someone contacts me about a certain piece and suggests a tag or making the post private, I will do my best to accommodate them within reason.

If anyone would like to comment on these, or feels that I should add something, please feel free to do so below or to contact me personally from the Contact Me page.

-Let’s call me Lily


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