On Harry Potter – Shipping and Favourites

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while now, and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m pretty sure that it was extrapolated from a favourite Harry Potter book survey, and possibly a discussion about fanfiction vs. canon. The opinions I have here still stand true to what I believe, so I’m posting it πŸ™‚

As a teenager who came into the Harry Potter scene a little late – I refused to read chapter books until about Year 5 – I think I’ve had a slightly different experience than those who grew up with the books, so I thought I’d share my view.

First, in regards to “which book is better?“: Well, it really depends on what you enjoy reading, and at what age you are, because at the age of 8 – 10, you’d probably think that Philosopher’s Stone is the best book ever, but if you were older, you might read more deeply into the book and discover that there isn’t too much to read into yet. Because J.K. Rowling developed her world over time, the latter books will be more sophisticated by the nature of the knowledge that she has backing them, whereas the first books will seem quite stereotypical in some areas. I think that’s actually one of the things that appeals to fans: they can see the quality of the writing and narrative increase over time. But, as I said, when people say “favourite book“, it doesn’t necessarily mean “book written the best“, in fact, it usually means “book that I am most emotionally attached to, because of the circumstances I first read it in and what happened afterwards“. Hence, I think quite a few people will say that the first book is their favourite, because it started everything for them. On the other hand, polls generally show that the last three books are the most popular.

Secondly, in regards to shipping. I am quite abnormal, in that I don’t ship. At all. But I think that people need to realise that fanfiction is completely different to the canon books. It was not logical, in the books, that Dumbledore and Harry have a romantic relationship. And, to be perfectly honest, if that were to have happened, how many people would have read the subsequent books? Not many. The purpose of fanfiction is to entertain yourself and others in the fandom by thinking “what if?” and following a different train of logic to J.K. Rowling’s, or to continue it in a new direction, or to stretch it acroos the 19 years that are missing in between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and its epilogue. What has happened is that, over time, people have abandoned that idea of a logical alternate plot, and instead focussed on creating fics with as much PWP as possible. Which, I think, is in contrary to what fanfiction is (should be) about. Therefore, I don’t have particular ‘ships – I enjoy reading stuff that has a good plot, and involves interesting and new ideas. If that ideal fic IS a Dumbledore/Harry fic, well, then so be it!

Plus, you can always scroll over the parts that are more explicit that you wish to read.

What are your thoughts? I’d be especially interested in hearing how you chose your favourite books, and for what reasons!- Let’s call me Lily


Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire Chapters 12-20, Live Blog

Hello everyone!

I’ve just gotten home from camp, and imagine my surprise when I receive an email informing me that Pottermore has opened up more of Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire. So I’ll do a live blog now, and then other stuff will come trickling in later (although, again, procrastination, school, excuses, busy, busy)

Chapter 12:

  • Saw Moody – he has really long hair, wow! Promptly collected a prawn flavoured Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavoured Bean.
  • Knocked on the door…zoomed and made some portraits gasp: Alastair makes for a somewhat disreputable figure.
  • Pepper imp! Which refuses to be collected? And finito’d with the bar, and finito’d with the chapter

Chapter 13:

  • Poor Draco – no matter how cruel he is, he doesn’t deserve being turned into a ferret due to a painful spell! And here’s the bit of newspaper that so inflamed Ron.
  • Collected a bright green fanged frisbee and a galleon…and, oh dear, I’ve made Ravenclaw lose a point! My own house (sorry, fellow ‘claws)
  • There appears to be no zoom, so off I go to the next chapter!

Chapter 14:

  • Collected a chocolate frog card from the blackboard and made the spiders jump in pain (eurgh) and oh, that’s awful! Instead of a zoom, you hear laughter and Moody puts a spider under the Imperius, making it do cartwheels.
  • Oh! First time there are two moments so far – yay! Stephen Fry narrates S.P.E.W. while Crookshanks twitches his nose and the box of badges shakes. While Ron might not want one, we get to collect a badge, making us official supporters of Hermione’s noble cause. Homework scrolls unfurl, predictions of demise and suffering are made – Divination would be a breeze, right?
  • I have found a fizzing worm! Whatever that may be. The zoom provides access to 5 galleons, another glimpse of the fanged frisbee, and Sirius’ letter.

Chapter 15:

  • Beautiful Beauxbaton’s carriage! Unlocked some new content…which provides a few tid-bits, including the fact that Fleur Delacour fought in the battle of Hogwarts (as well as revealing that you can no longer copy and paste from the site)
  • Picked up some poison ivy, wormwood and a Palomino hair, as well as made the horses flap their gorgeous wings and lots of birds fly away in fright.
  • Oh, the Durmstrang ship is beautiful, if slightly menacing, especially with all that sea-fog.
  • Came across some seaweed, tubeworms and a limpet, made the waves crash around the ship, and read about Durmstrang Institute.

Chapter 16:

  • The Goblet of Fire bathes the room in red and I take a closer look at Harry’s name…and collected a pumpkin. Why is it Halloween?
  • Also picked up some batwings and aging potion from the centre table, and five galleons from underneath the left one.

Chapter 17:

  • Couldn’t find anything to do in the first zoom. In the second I found a chocolate frog, a dusty galleon, a Bertie Bott’s bean, and annoyed some portraits.

Chapter 18:

  • Oh, Goyle looks disgusting! But his badge is cool.
  • I can make Hermione remove her hands so I can see her teeth grow! And behind her is a galleon and horklump juice. In Snape’s classroom is a bezoar.
  • Moment two: a snuggly cupboard with an authentic-looking Rita Skeeter. Her quill writes as you hover the mouse after each line, and if you open her purse, you can unlock the Daily Prophet.
  • I also found a mushroom flavoured Bertie Bott’s bean, and something else which I find myself unable to collect. some spider’s legs, after taking a peek at the spider itself. And the door opens! You can see Dumbledore’s shoe and blue robe, but not much else.

Chapter 19:

  • Horned slugs in a dragon enclosure? How on earth have they survived? Also, what is a chocolate frog card doing in the egg-box? Maybe Charlie Weasley collects them as well πŸ™‚
  • The dragons’ roaring resembles the wind, to me. Also, if you hover on the tail on the left side of the screen, it seems to act as a lever, and a dragon produces fire!

Chapter 20:

  • Last chapter: dragons!
  • Found some dragon’s blood, a chocolate frog card and horned slugs, and I made the Hungarian Horntail breather fire.


Well, nothing spectacular, and it seems that a lot of enthusiasm for Pottermore has died off, but I will continue doing these, I think. Now, to all the backlogged posts I needs must write (there is a list πŸ™‚ )

– Let’s call me Lily

The (Final) Final Battle Between Good and Evil

You can check out the first part of my experience here!


I went to the Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Robbie Jarvis (teenage James Potter from the fifth film) Harry Potter panel!

First off, can I just say – I had no idea that they were such good friends! But apparently they’ve been doing expos for a while together, and they just seemed to know everything about each other – they answered each other’s questions, even! Which was adorable.

  • A little girl asked what their favourite colours were; Evanna’s is yellow, Robbie’s is blue, and asked whether they liked NZ. The answer to that was “How can we say no!!”
  • Robbie said how when filming for a scene the fan girls were throwing themselves at the barrier and Dan was checking them out and he said “have you seen those girls…some of them are really nice” and Robbie said “Dude, you’re Harry Potter, you could have any 2 of those girls, you could have any 3!
  • Evanna and Robbie are part of Avatar (tv series) fandom and it felt like a reverse-con because they pulled out an Avatar cosplayer to take a picture with at the event. They both watch Game of Thrones religiously.
  • Robbie told us about his audition for the part where there was a game to hit everyone’s head in which the sitting targets AKA people looking over the audition aka the producers and directors and so he ran behind them bopping their heads. His friend, who was also auditioning, sat down next to him and said “Robbie, you idiot”, but Robbie reckons that’s when the producers began thinking of casting him as James Potter.
  • Evanna said “If Nargles were real they would be so evil you’d spray the shit out of them with cleaner fluid,” and that “everyone seems to think they’re really nice, but it’s not true.” Apparently they look like tinsy wee gremlin things – the cast had discussions over this and that’s what was decided.
  • A girl from the back, who sounded like she was crying, spent a couple of minutes soliloquising about how important the HP series was to her, and how Evanna was a real inspiration (there were quite a few of these), and then asked her Question. Which was : “what are your favourite pizza toppings?” (this completely floored about half the audience, I swear!) Apparently Robbie is lactose intolerant so he gets Hawaiian without cheese, while Evanna is trying to be vegan because of the disconnection she thinks most people have between the cute baby lambs and the lamb steak they order for their next meal – they went to a restaurant recently and Evanna talked Robbie out of eating lamb.
  • When asked which scene they would have wished had stayed in the film, Evanna replied that she was gutted that they didn’t give Dumbledore a proper send-off – she said she even offered her pay check to help pay for the costs of all the creatures, but that David Heyman said it wasn’t enough 😦 And Robbie wished that they had kept the whole Snape/James sequence in the memory scene in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but that he was being a bit biased there.
  • Their choice of magical pet would definitely be a phoenix.
  • Evanna gets more comments about AVPM: Senior Year than the films as of late.
  • They tried a New Zealand accent at the end, Robbie’s was quite good, I think; better than mine!

You can watch THE ENTIRE THING, almost (41 minutes of it) from here – which is lucky for you!

Unfortunately, although I was right at the front (actually, that was a bit sad – we got in early and got really good seats – second and third rows, pretty central…but then there was an announcement that only people who had Emerald passes could sit in the first two rows, so my friends had to move 😦 There wasn’t ANY room by that time, actually, so they ended up missing the panel altogether), and had my hand up the whole time, I didn’t get to ask my question. Oh well.

On Monday I also attended the cosplay parade, which was incredible, and the Harry Potter quiz, which I hadn’t realised you had to sign up for beforehand and so couldn’t participate in (I watched, though!) There were lots of spelling mistakes in the quiz – on purpose, I think? One girl, when answering a question, answered right, but then looked at the screen again and saw the spelling was incorrect, and asked if she could say none of them, because Aldus Dumbledore wasn’t right either. The questions about the books were easy, but there were a couple of facts about actors and actresses from the movies that would have tripped me up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The camera just refused to focus the whole weekend, so all the photos are blurry/dark. Sorry. There are definitely better ones out there, I know! Try the Arkham Comics Facebook, they have some really good quality pics πŸ™‚

Additionally to this, I stared at all the amazing merchandise that was out of my budget, such as the Romance Rewound stall, which is of handmade jewellery incorporating clockwork pieces – it is GORGEOUS!!!), bought a badge, couldn’t decide which T-Shirt I wanted and so didn’t end up buying a single one, had a few pictures taken with people with incredible cosplays, and just wandered around. I also saw part of a Doctor Who fan-made episode.

A quote from the Princess Bride - I just couldn't resist!

A quote from the Princess Bride – I just couldn’t resist!

So all in all, what did I think about Armageddon?

Well, the panels were awesome. And so was seeing all the incredible cosplays and artworks and merchandise. But on the other hand, apart from that, I didn’t have much to do – because I’m not into gaming. And I kinda thought there’d be a few more freebies, but there weren’t. So basically I wandered around a lot (although on the Monday because I had a COULSON LIVES sign it was more entertaining, as I kept being stopped as people either asked “who’s Couslon/Coleslaw [yes, Coleslaw. I don’t know how they got that – it was a pretty big sign!] or giving me high fives/asking to take a picture/giving me the thumbs up or saying a variation of “yes, Coulson lives!“), and didn’t really do much apart from that.

So, meh – whether I’ll go next year definitely depends on the panels available. I’ll be better prepared if I do go, though, with this year’s experience under my belt!

If you attended, what did you think of it? Did you enjoy the panels?

– Let’s call me Lily

Pottermore Opens Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire Chapters 1-11, Live Blog

So, it’s past midnight here, but I only just got the notification that GOF is open to all Houses now, so I’ll zip through everything now before going to bed! It’d the holidays, anyway…

(I’ll tidy this up later)

Chapter 1:

  • huh, the Riddle House reminds me a bit of part of my school – the original, 125 year old part. It has the ivy and everything!
  • Collected a horned slug off the pillar, zoomed in and grabbed the rose thorns
  • Rattling doors and a green light…not a very good sign, is it?
  • Tried to go to the next part, but nothing came up apart from words? This is for ‘The Scar’
  • Oh, it’s because chapter two has no moments!

Chapter 3:

  • Moving on., then…
  • Closer look at Ron’s letter, and Harry’s letter to Sirius
  • Galleon, cracker, chocolate frog card, and that’s that!

Chapter 5:

  • This is odd, are they doing only every second chapter and one moment per chapter all of a sudden or something? Or am I getting the new process completely wrong?
  • Picked up a flower head, knocked over a photo
  • Ooh, read about the Floo Network. Well, ain’t this fancy? Transcripts of J.K. Rowling reading her thoughts now, and an amusing tale of coup de foudre (love at first coal-smudged sight), but the English only is a bit limiting to people, I’d think
  • Cool zoom! There’s a flash and then you see the Weasleys explode out of the chimney!
  • Debris, spider legs, beetle eyes, all sorts of interesting stuff up there.
  • Hover your mouse along the screen and watch the Dursley’s living room go to pieces – for vindication, perhaps?
  • I do like the black and white stills, though
  • Well then! It’s just like Molly said, you could mistake Bill for a fashionable girl! hehe, table wars…
  • Lots of butterflies and gnomes running about, some frog spawn and flower heads, another rose thorn – this is brimming with things to see

Chapter 6:

  • Stuff, things, old mangy boot, I ought to be in bed, oh dear 3 hours of sleep a night for 4 days is Not Good and I have a long day tomorrow
  • Oh, portkeys! Can’t go to sleep yet! And a deflated soccer ball, much like the feeling I got when I found that there wasn’t anything much new in the new content.

Chapter 7:

  • Lots of tents, a sideways zoom…Where’s Wally? Or rather, the Weasleys and Harry? Unlocked colours, that sounds a little odd – maybe J.K. is going to refer to octarine? Nope, but it is interesting!
  • Found a map of the campsite – you have to let the tent open its flaps, and some other things, and lots of flag waving and pant-waving going on.

okay. I actually need to sleep. I’ll finish this tomorrow. Promise!

I am BACK! And still with only 2 full bars for this Book, but oh well. Please keep in mind that I really suck at these things, so it’s definitely NOT a complete guide

Next up:

Chapter 8:

  • The Golden Snitch!! Is right there, but I can’t find anything to do here apart from zoom and move the mouse to watch the bludgers react.
  • I’m obviously missing something here…any advice?

Chapter 9:

  • The Dark Mark looks very impressive…even though there are no zooms.
  • Found a toadstool, some poison ivy and made some crows fly away in terror

Chapter 10:

  • Go, go Chudley Cannons, go! Have got a badge, and will support them (in their losses)
  • Galleon!
  • Opened a rucksack, but that hasn’t made anything else happen, and a chocolate card frog.
  • The pictures zooms sideways, and you get to see all the poster-people move around and the frog (since when does Ron have a frog???) croak. And done! YES! Third full bar (out of 10…:P)

Chapter 11:

  • The last chapter up so far, and the last moment
  • I zoom out from the rain and the carriages come into focus. They rattle around.
  • I found a bezoar stone!
  • And horned slugs and dried nettles, and wormwood but I can’t seem to collect them – the bar is full? This is a glitch, pottermore, a glitch!

Well, nothing extraordinary – In fact, I’d say it’s been rather sparse of activities so far. And moments.

What do you think? Any advice on what I’ve missed?

Let me know,

Let’s call me Lily

The Erkling, A Rare and Elusive Beast…

…may well appear in the next Wizarding World film, which will detail Newt Scamander’s adventures.

Scamander, a famous author who wrote “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them“, is also known to Harry Potter fans as the great-great-uncle of Rolf Scamander, Luna Scamander (nΓ©e Lovegood)’s wife.

I hope to see Master Schmidt (perhaps already revealing bloodthirsty tendencies which were exacerbated when he became the Red Skull??) do a Tangled, and hit the Erkling with a saucepan, personally.

Actually, I’m not sure how I feel about this announcement. Screenplay by Rowling, yes, alright, set 70 years prior to HP, and in New York, fine, but really? I think it might be aimed for an audience who’s not in their teens. Maybe I’m wrong. Hopefully I am – hopefully it will be great. At any rate, it’s definitely better than yet another remake of a fairy tale πŸ˜›

For more info, you can check out these sites, which are articles/announcements with quotes:

I wonder – has anyone told Hagrid about this?

– Let’s call me Lily

Harry Potter And The Prizoner Of Azkaban Chapters 16-22, Live Blog

Hey everyone!

I’ve just gotten home, and imagine my surprise when I’m told that Pottermore has opened up the rest of Prisoner of Azkaban!! It’s great, because now I have something else to do instead on homework!

First of all, I’m trying to get the hang of the new look – it’s a bit confusing, and I’m not exactly sure how to zoom in on things any more! It looks great, if a bit crowded…

This will, as always, be a live blog in which I’ll talk about my impressions and then link to other more complete guides (from the new “completion bars” at the bottom of each chapter, it looks as if I’ve been consistently missing things in EVERY chapter, which is odd, as I always make sure to update my posts with everything other people have found, as well as double-check on my Pottermore account. huh.)

IF YOU GO TO ELMBLADE’S POST here SHE HAS EVERYTHING!!! (some of which I really can’t be bothered to go back and do, because I’m lazy…)

Chapter 16:

  • Wow, with such a crowded screen, everything just seems more framed and, to be honest, like it is suited to a much larger screen, though Professor Lupin’s marshes are gorgeous. I kind of wish that the side bars were smaller, or could pop up and then be minimised again…However, I have found some leeches in the pool just off centre on the screen!
  • I also collected some light green knotgrass growing on the right base of the water barrel, and made a grindylow swim around…
  • Zooming in, I found lots of red caps popping up and down from holes! Also some horned slugs in another pool, and on the next zoom, after carefully hovering over everything, collected fluxweed from next to the boggart trunk, and failed to capture a hinkypunk carrying a lantern. Apparently I need to find two more…I think I’ll be happy with all of my unfinished bars – I do have a life, you know πŸ˜›
  • Second moment – back to Hagrid’s where I immediately spotted a purple Chocolate frog card and an aubergine Bertie Bott’s flavoured bean. I also scared some crows out of the tree. On the zoom, I found some valerian sprigs at the bottom of Dumbledore’s feet, dried nettles near Hagrid’s large boots leaning on his hut, and made the door shake with my mouse.
  • After I shined the axe and made it sparkle, the scene reverted to its original state and I saw that my completion bar was, well, complete. Yay!!

Chapter 17:

  • Wow, it’s dark in the forest! But then I hovered my mouse a bit and Harry’s wand lit up. You can make it go darker and lighter by moving your mouse across it.
  • Picked up some beautiful asphodel, another leaping toadstool, which we still haven’t used in a potion yet, some fluxweed, and made the Whomping Willow try to wallop Harry and Hermione.
  • In the next, moment, I can hear dear Stephen describe Sirius Black, although I can’t see him, and picked up some mushrooms. Ooooh! There is a mysterious, dementor-like figure…but it’s not, it’s a Secret Keeper, who brings new knowledge from J.K. Rowling (not that it’s really anything new)
  • By slamming the door, plaster falls from the door, and thus you can find woodlice. Keep moving the mouse around that section of wall, and more falls down, along with some beetle’s eyes.
  • Right! Just realised the figure is Sirius Black! Oops..
  • Finished moment two, if you hover on the middle of the of the bed, where the two curtains part, you can make a spider come down

Chapter 18

  • Nothing to do here but hover over various features of the animagi and Lupin and makes them twitch their ears and snarl silently

Chapter 19

  • Double clicked on the scene, Scabbers fell, and there was a great big flash as he was transformed into Wormtail, causing some plaster to fall and scarab beetle bodies to appear for the audience’s collection. From another alcove of fallen plaster, you can collect batwings
  • As always, you can’t see anyone’s faces – Wormtail is cringing away in fear.

Chapter 20

  • Unlocked lycanthropy from Lupin, who was too busy fighting Sirius to notice me πŸ˜›
  • This is really cool stuff! Excitingly fresh, too! Very, very cool, and long!
  • Also collected some dittany – yay! Now I have an extra-speedy healing in my armoury, for when I get splinched in another 4 books!
  • Zoomed in and collected monkswood and wormwood, and made Lupin and Sirius snarl even more
  • Yay! Finally, another full bar!
  • After zooming in, at the edge of the water I picked up someΒ spines of lionfish, tubeworms which look like flowers, and a clearly vital-for-the-plot-and-my-sanity pebble, which is useful as a paperweight. In a virtual game. I can see how that could come in handy. πŸ˜›
  • By clicking on Harry’s wand I deflected the Dementor’s – shame we couldn’t see a corporeal Patronus – and filled the bar again!

Chapter 21

  • The spinning of time is a little dizzying, but I managed to click on the time turner to read.. Rowling’s thoughts, as well as new info. O happy day! It really elaborates on the limitations of time travel as J.K. Rowling created it, for obvious reasons (take heed, all fanfiction writers who use the trope of going back in time – it is officially non-cannonical in every way now, not just in terms of not being a Rowling-written narrative). This is really fascinating…although now I REALLY don’t see how Hermione received permission for one!
  • Double clicked and the time turner cleared…
  • And I’m five galleons richer! Also found another Bertie Bott’s bean, cheese flavoured. And a Montrose Magpie badge!
  • There’s something at the foot of every house hour-glass except for Hufflepuff 😦 Poor puffers.
  • Click on the doors again for a full bar. Now, moving on…

and the site became UNAVAILABLE!!!! Will be back tomorrow for the rest, I think, as it isn’t refreshing.


And I’m back! Hopefully the site won’t crash on me today! Onto rescuing Buckbeak!

  • Er, what??? Same scene but missing the things I collected previously…oh, yes, time travel! Am I going to find anything here?
  • Why, yes I am! Unicorn hair was picked up from where Hagrid left it on the fence. The zoom, which is different and focuses on Hagrid, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Buckbeak, has found me some billywig stings, and a galleon.
  • Buckbeak is getting a bit restless though, so I’ll be moving on…but not before I spot shadows from the future peeking out of the forest!
  • Found a Murtlap tentacle in the lake! The lapping of the wavelets distracted me a bit from the beauty of Prongs – I am so glad they decided to make him look like that – he is stunning! Not just a ball of airy gases like in the two final movies (Yates!) He really glows…
  • Zoomed in and immediately collected some more tubeworms that I spotted from the distance, then clicked on Prongs for some exclusive information on the Patronus – some of it’s history and a clarification of how it is formed and why it is so hard to cast.
  • Finally, after scouring the shore for ages, I found the slimy seaweed!
  • Galleon! Sirius is saved!! Chocolate frog card!!! Owl treat!!!! Flappy wings and hooty owls!!!!! Bar COMPLETE!!!!!!

Chapter 22

  • Professor Lupin is leaving, which is sad 😦 But he’s left an inkpot, and a chocolate bar, and lots of other goodies in his office – I guess he was in a hurry to pack!
  • I’m assuming the roller is from Professor Lockhart from the previous year…
  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS NAME IS EDWARD????????? Well, I didn’t see THAT coming! According to new content release by Rowling, Teddy’s name isn’t actually Theodore, it’s Edward. There isn’t a Theodore middle name either – I wonder where the nickname originated from…
  • P.S. This moment is very glitchy, I’ve noticed – so has Elmblade
  • Oh, this is so bittersweet…Lupin’s story, from how his parents first met, right up to his death. Pages and pages – I am in happy agony right now.
  • last moment – a bouncing carriage taking us back to the muggle world…
  • Nothing at first, but on the zoom, you can collect a gobstone – if you’re quick! Also various sweets and a well hidden galleon.
  • Make Pig squeek, and read Sirius’ letter to Harry, and his permission slip so that Harry can visit Hogsmeade next year…
  • And then say goodbye for another long while until the first chapters of Goblet of Fire are ready

There weren’t any games this round, but Pottermore sure has made a lot of changes! The art has been exceptional as always, and I’m looking forward to see how it continues to evolve!

Maybe I’ll look over past chapters again sometime – I hear that moments and items have been added!