Can I Have an Extension?

Australia was mostly hot. Also sometimes rainy. I have a diary of notes to transcribe at some point! (Oh ho…like with Ireland, you ask… well, Ireland is mostly typed up, actually – it just needs to gone over and posted. So, yep, this will only take a year or so ūüėõ [I don’t delay things on purpose! Procrastination and I are just really close buddies. I have a list. It’s okay. It still has Sherlock Season 3 on it, but it’s okay.])

Anyway, I just spent a lovely long weekend on Waiheke Island, going to different beaches and doing the annual sculpture trail. With my mum. It was fun!!

For the next week or so, I will be going camping with her, up in Northland, which I am really looking forward to as well. Then it will be back to confirming my Studylink applications and rushing around to find Uni textbooks and packing, so that I’m ready to move to my residence hall, and the new city which will be my home for the next 4 years.

Thus I’ll most likely be on hiatus for a while longer, but I’m sure I’ll try to fit something in during that time.

I hope everyone’s holidays are going just as well as mine (minus all of my mishaps. I wouldn’t wish those on anybody)!!! And may your February be a good one.
_Let’s call me Lily


I’m Home!



And I did keep a journal sort of thing, although it’s only half finished, as sometimes I had no internet and at other times I just wrote the bones and still need to flesh the day out. I think I will go ahead and put it up; I’ll queue it so each day is posted on the day, when I’m done with it all (if any of you were vaguely interested in reading what are most likely going to be pessimistic whinges).

Now it’s back to school, and work, and worrying about the future, and exams. And karate, which I haven’t done for a month (I am so out of shape …)

– Let’s call me Lily

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Oh, you thought I’d be going through my list of ‘things to blog about’ while on holiday? You thought I might write a bit about my trip to Ireland??


Meh. I think you have the wrong gal.

(Basically, this post is to say that I’m going to be a non-existent presence here for about a month or so. So please don’t expect anything. Sorry.)


But, if there’s anything you’d like to ask or request something, just comment or ask, and I’ll do my best!!!!!

-Let’s call me Lily


By the way, Ireland is great. You should visit. (Quite similar to New Zealand though.)

I went to¬†√Āras an Uachtar√°in:¬†the President’s Resident. Well, rather, we drove through Phoenix Park to Ratra House, where we parked the car and then promptly got into line for the minibuses that would take us back to the President’s residence, which we had already passed by. After waiting for half an hour, we were then led outside, where some of the old Presidential vehicles, and a vintage police motorcycle, were being displayed. We then got into another very long line of people waiting to meet the rather portly President of the Republic of Ireland. In the end, it was extremely anti-climatic. We were announced – the announcer asked my hostess for her name 5 times! – and then we shook hands, the President said “you’re welcome”, I tried to say that it was an honour, and my host tried to say that Sir Rodney Walshe sent his greetings, but he very firmly¬†passed us outside, where we were directed to the refreshment hall. The weather was gorgeous with a light breeze through the beautifully tended garden, and organic apple juice from the An Uachtarain orchards was served. After a while, the President delivered a speech, and a very eclectic selection of musicians played for us. They were really weird – there was an American grassroots band, a man who sang about a chicken’s funeral at an animal cemetery, a woman who sang a very poorly chosen song about the death of James Connelly and the war, and a band named We Banjo Three, comprising of four members and two banjos. And then we went back to Ratra House and home.

It was very anti-climatic.¬†¬†Also,¬†I keep going on the computer with every intention of doing my Sustainability homework, among other things, except that I don’t, and stay up till past midnight… only to wake up extremely early the next day (my plans for forcing myself into a more vaguely normal sleep cycle failed – I’m waking up early no matter what time I go to sleep. So, rest assured, the midnight thing was planned; it’s just that I was supposed to be doing homework.) Oops? Let’s let inertia take the blame again, shall we…

Wow, I’ve lost all track of time. I didn’t even realise it was July today. Today I woke up at 5AM, with a nose bleed – but I managed not to get the white sheets all bloody, hurrah! I went to see the Martello Tower in the afternoon – round the other side of Sandycove is the James Joyce Tower, in which there is a little museum that has his works and other artifacts on display. I also went all the way up the tower itself, and the view was gorgeous!

I woke up at 3AM. Bleargh.¬†The bed is going to kill me. It’s large; a double at least, and I’m sure that it’s very extravagant and I’m very lucky to have a room to myself, but it’s also very soft, and my back has been killing me. I lay there in bed contemplating this fact until it was a decent hour to be awake, whereupon I went forth and got ready for the day. I went for a walk along the pier, which was lovely with a gorgeous band rotunda, ¬†and then I wanted to go for a swim because the water looked so inviting, but there isn’t a real beach – it’s all slimy rocks that are covered in seaweed, and I couldn’t get past those without slipping. Had the first day of the ‘make-a-movie’ course…I hate improvs, I’ve realised; I find it incredibly hard to think of things on the spot. I’m okay at adding onto someone’s idea, but even then, sometimes not.
My first day at the fil-im (that’s what it sounds like in an Irish accent; they extend it into two syllables) making course sucked, to be perfectly honest. Half of it was stuff that I already knew, like the 3 course structure (beginning, middle, end) and the other half was stuff that I could have very easily picked up along the way, for example how to use a camera (I learnt what the shots were and different angles in English and Media Studies at school, really). We watched some previous short films, and then did a couple of snippet-improvisations of our own to get the feel of following actors with a camera and how to get the different perspectives.
Then we had to decide on story ideas and pitch them to each other as 3 groups, and of course I¬†couldn’t think of a single one,¬†and so my group presented a half-baked idea on a a kidnapping. It was terrible. The other two groups didn’t have amazing ideas either, and now we’re stuck for the next of the week filming the “Invisibully”. ¬†I tried hinting that I wasn’t enjoying it, and that I’d love doing something else instead, especially since it’s currently a waste of money, but that didn’t go over so well. At least the view is nice.
After that, we went to see The Fault in our Stars, which made me cry (duh. I’m a sap), but we missed the first ten minutes (just like with Chef, I’ll have to find a way to clear that up) unfortunately, so Grace had already met Augustus, and they had just arrived at his house. I really loved how they incorporated the dialogue from the book without making it seem contrived. And of course, the characters were developed and yes, Augustus was Augustus.