Coffee Crush

Homogeneous mass
following the scent of warm, diluted coffee
leading you to a chain cafe with its branded cups and its
falsely frothed milk.
Don’t you know that the best part is the rich, roasted aroma
of the beans being ground, finely, into a dust of awakeness and camaraderie and
the spike of toe-tingling caffeine that puts springs on your feet
and clocks in your head
– even without tasting.

Accidental Absorption

The void beckons with silvered hands,
Glimmers of light that have not yet been soaked into the
Blackness. A universe, absorbed into the dark,
Nothing to show for it but the floating certificate of ‘well done for caring’ that is slowly making its way across galaxies
until it bumps into a passing comet and combusts from the heat of the racing piece of rock.

The void is always there. You will walk into it in time.
And the time approaches.

Wonted Wake-up

I tugged on the blinds, so that they moved up,

an inch, a bit more than an inch;

how much is an inch anyway?

so that I could peer through the gap

(I bent and lifted the blind outwards  a little)

and check whether it was sunny or not.

I needed to know,

so that I could get dressed.

Two people, standing on the sidewalk opposite me, across

the motorway off ramp –


hello. I did not want to see you there.

I happen to be wearing a shirt and undies

my pyjamas,

and that is why I am awkwardly peering around my annoying blind

(why not curtains, or blinds that have slits?)

I certainly don’t want to be waved at by strange people

staring at my dark window (why are they just standing there?

Weirdos) that I … may know?

I get my glasses to make sure.

I am still in just a T-shirt, but I manoeuvre. They will not see that.

I check again. Yes. they are strangers.

I squint at them for a bit.

I get dressed.

A Perpetual Moment

Now is when I will tuck your hand into mine, reach over and cross your scarf once more.

Now I will ruck up your sleeve and draw frozen mice with my fingers, running down the inside of your elbow


Now I shall step on your toes so I am the same height, and then, also now, I will breathe on your face and watch you blow out fog

Now, the kettle is boiled and I add two spoons of sugar, but let you stir, just as you prefer.


Now is never-ending, and encompasses all of space and time.