RBB2015 Art

Voila!! It’s a couple of days late, since my author was very busy with personal stuff AND writing another RBB fic at the same time, but finally the day has arrived for my Cap-Ironman 2015 Reverse Big Bang art to come to light!

It’s my second year, and I’m proud of the fact that I’m no longer classified as a newbie! Also, that this year I have done a larger quantity of pieces to help my author along – in part, actually because of their fic. I took a completely different direction from last year, challenging myself to go down the steampunk path. Actually, the initial character sketches of steampunked Tony, Pepper and Steve (which I was pretty happy with) detailing clothing, patterns and ornaments didn’t end up being part of the final product, but I enjoyed doing them, and they definitely influenced my work.

This was the result:

RBB2015 Heart

This was a later drawing, a line in the fic which really resonated, and made me want to draw a mechanical heart. So I did 🙂 Unfortunately, something about the red blood tubes makes it vaguely resemble a rugby ball… This was drawn in pencil and acrylic paint.



The Iron Maiden! I’m not sure if I like it exactly, but here’s a depiction of the ship – Jarvis was obviously doing the laundry when I took a reference photo 🙂 This was done in pencil.


RBB2015 Cap'n'Tony

So, this is an earlier scene where Tony meets Captain America for the first time. It was actually drawn after the next picture, because my author created a really cool opportunity to have a sort of parallel scene 🙂 This was done in pencil.



Last but not least, the original artwork!! (Or, rather, the original piece intended to be displayed for the RBB Challenge). This was a scenario I came up with, and my author rose to the occasion magnificently, writing a touching scene that also explained why Steve was in clothes and Iron Man was wearing his armour in a very convincing way! (Hooray!) This was done in watered down black acrylic paint, in lieu of watercolour or ink, which I had no access to, and pen for the detailing.



Gift Wrapping

As part of my ‘let’s participate’ plan, I signed up for a holiday gift exchange! It’s now fine to post it, so here goes.

I had a bit of trouble with the prompt I was given, as the request was much more fic-based than geared towards art:

Steve’s got Tony wrapped around his little finger and doesn’t even realize it. And they’re not even together (yet). But Tony’s got a plan for that and it’s in motion and he’s a genius so it should go perfectly…right?

Extra happiness if 1) other Avengers (incl. Bucky and Sam) end up involved, 2) there’s porn, 3) there are cats

So I asked for a more visual request, something that was easier to draw… the person came up with this:

Hmm, a scene where Steve’s just making an off-handed comment about wanting something and Tony going out of his way to get it for him while slipping in a really failed attempt to ask for a date? Then another where someone points out to Steve that he’s got Tony wrapped around his finger and Tony’s probably into him and Steve is blushy and hopeful-dismissive like ‘he’s not into me like that…is he?’. And in the end Steve making a comment like ‘I wish Tony would ask me on a date’ when he knows Tony’s listening around the corner so Tony will finally ask him properly.
Or if it’s more fun, Steve coming across Tony tying himself up to be Steve’s present for Christmas/New Year’s/some holiday.

Which still didn’t fit the bill exactly for me, as I was hoping for a preferred medium or a composition idea. But! In the end, I prevailed and turned out not one, but two pieces of art, which I am not too unhappy with. I used pencil to sketch everything out, then went over the sketch with a fine black pen.


I even managed to incorporate 2 bonus points (I ignored the second one completely), and some of the prompt!


As always, the scanner seems to have blurred everything up, even at high definition :/ Just imagine it sharper, and let me know what you think!

– Let’s call me Lily

Second companion piece for: Staring Into An Eclipse

BB 2014 Pencil Final

My second piece for the 2014 Cap-Ironman Big Bang – this one took rather longer, even though it’s only pencil, as I had to redraw it. Originally, I was going with Tony being shorter than Steve, never having seen them standing side-by-side in the 616 verse and thus simply presuming that he was. As it turns out, they’re the same height!

Companion Art for: Staring Into An Eclipse

BB2014 Final

My first piece of art, made for the 2014 Cap-Ironman Big Bang – the final version of it 🙂

I was trying to visualise what Tony’s headspace looked like when he had Extremis, which features in the story, and came up with the above; I quite like the contrast between the charcoal portrait and the very busy background myself, but if anyone is interested in seeing other ‘layers’, I’d be happy to post those up as well!

Firstly, I figured I needed a base code, so I covered the page in binary code (which was actually a translation of words, only I think I missed a couple of digits here and there). Then I wanted to reflect Tony’s time in Afghanistan, and his nightmares, which are always looming in his subconsciousness, so that’s where the explosions and the water come into the picture. The next layer is the white; those are semi-conscious thoughts, which mostly focus on improving the armour, because in my opinion, if he had Extremis, that’s a process that would become inherent to Tony’s mindscape; he wouldn’t be focusing on it all the time, certainly, but he’d be making those changes continuously. After that, there’s a layer of pencil, which you can’t really see, but that’s because it’s mindchatter, and I didn’t want to make it too obvious. Maybe you can find a ‘Steve’ or two? The last layer is made up of black blueprints and schematics, which Tony is currently thinking about on a higher level: the arc reactor, obviously, features pretty heavily, as do a couple of his current projects for S.H.I.E.L.D., and he’s experimenting with a new helmet shape that isn’t as potentially compromising, plus a new type of… something.

He’s a busy man, is what I’m trying to say!


The past two days have been unspeakably exciting. Literally.


First, there is a thing which I may not speak of yet, but which I assure you caused me to toss and turn, sleepless, for HOURS. Although that may have partially been caused by my lingering feeling of being at Rainbows End all day as part of a physics trip (I successfully coerced myself to go on the FearFall in the name of science, as well as trying out the new ride, StratosFear, which was lovely and gentle – on a similar fright level as the Pirate Ship in the “less extreme” version, and utterly TERRIFYING in the “more extreme” version.

That’s the FearFall on the left, and the new ride, the StratosFear, in the forefront. You are left dangling upside down for innumerable seconds *shudders from left-over fear*.

Secondly, and here is something I can talk about: this year I entered the 2014 Cap-Ironman RBB, because I thought it would be a nice challenge, especially as I no longer take art at school, and I thought it could be a great opportunity. (I’d like to note: I have mostly refrained from talking about fanfiction, shipping, etcetera – I think I have one post that’s still saved as a draft because I decided I didn’t want to go there – but I don’t ship. At all. I appreciate everything that is articulated well and has a plot, regardless of whether it is a published author’s work, or that of a hobbyist who is taking familiar characters and recasting them into a new scenario.) So, I sketched a picture. And an author chose me. We published our respective collaborative works on the 5th May, and ever since, I’ve been getting lovely comments about her story (and one about my art) in my inbox. It’s great 😀

Thirdly! As I wrote a while back, I publish some of the work in here on a website called TeenInk, because it tends to have a bit more of an orientation towards commenting and constructive criticism than wordpress does. Well, they publish a print magazine every once in a while, choosing between whatever has been written online. And today I received an email saying that my poem will be published in their print magazine!!! Which has approximately half a MILLION readers!!!!! This, this excites me 😀 The poem in question is called Open Window, Closed Door, if you’d like to read it 🙂 You can also search for it on the left, or click here for it on this site.


So, here’s to a happy Mother’s Day for everyone tomorrow, and let’s hope that some of my prodigious luck is distributed to you as you read this!

– Let’s call me Lily


P.S. Yes, reviews, I know. I am sorry. I am rather busy at the moment. They are (slowly being written). They will arrive.

The Hawkeye Initiative

I have a friend who’s really into the Marvel movies, like the Avengers, and also into trying to mend gender inequalities. This led to her finding The Hawkeye Initiative, which aims to highlight how objectifying and sexualised the female super hero costumes and poses are in comic books, even in good quality, up-and-coming graphic novels.

As the site says, “Created on December 2nd 2012, The Hawkeye Initiative uses Hawkeye and other male comic characters to illustrate how deformed, hyper-sexualized, and impossibly contorted women are commonly illustrated in comics, books, and video games.”

The way they’ve decided to raise awareness is by creating  The Hawkeye Test, which is a bit like the Bechdel Test for movies: “If your female character can be replaced by Hawkeye in the same pose without looking silly or stupid, then it’s acceptable and probably non sexist.  If you can’t, then just forget about it.” People do this by finding a pose and redrawing it with Hawkeye (Clint Barton, The Amazing Marksman) instead of the female superhero, then posting it on the tumblr.

Here are some results:

hawkeye1 hawkeye2 hawkeye4 hawkeye5

to see lots and lots more, or submit your own, check out http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com,

The official tumblr of The Hawkeye Initiative

Megan Duncanson: Artist extraordinaire!! (aka Google Is My Friend)

As part of an art project, I had to look up an artist that uses layering, abstractionism, drips, and other techniques which John Firth Smith uses (our artist model). Of course, being technologically literate in the way of how to use the internet, I quickly googled ‘Abstract Art’ and came up with over 47 million results. As I was skimming through the images, I came across this one by Megan Duncanson, and instantly fell in love: it is extremely detailed, yet has a background which is quite abstract (it reminds me of a waterfall) that allows the viewer to exercise freedom. It is also black and white, which is great for my printing budget 🙂

Original painting by Megan Duncanson.
Unfortunately, I could not find a title for it.

I checked out her website, which you can see here, and found that I also really liked her other paintings, which she sells online at several websites. She has a very vibrant style, which I also love, and references landscapes a lot. Hope you enjoy!

Tropical Serenity by Megan Duncanson

Wild Abandon by Megan Duncanson

Afternoon Breeze by Megan Duncanson

Island Martini by Megan Duncanson

In the Spirit of Fun by Megan Duncanson