New Zealand Doesn’t Have Humvees, I’m Pretty Sure

The New Zealand military doesn’t really see any intra-national combat – they’re sent out on UN peacekeeping missions, and for overseas tours instead. As such, they don’t require Humvees, as far as I’m aware.


This is unfortunate, because of this extremely difficulty GIsHWHeS task:

VIDEO. Let’s see a military cargo helicopter hoist a Humvee into the air. On the Humvee is a banner that reads, “GISHWHES does the heavy lifting.”

That’s right! Not only do you need the necessary connections for this task, you also need to somehow convince the military to use up a lot of fuel and money in order to do something for no apparent reason… except for the fact that GIsHWHeS overlord Misha has dictated it be so.


Does anyone out there happen to miraculously, a) know about this blog and b) have the ability to do this task? If so, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could contact me before the week is up!

– Let’s Call Me Lily


Let The Hunt Begin!

Imagine a pithy remark that lets you know that no, my brain is just as toast as it was last time I wrote an apology post (I think they might outnumber my regular posts by now), and makes you forgive me and prepares you for a pretty outrageous demand.

Thanks 🙂 I’m sure you came up with something great!

This year, I am participating in GIsHWHeS as an official team member!! (HOORAY BUT I MUST BE MAD)

What is GIsHWHeS? Well, it gets described in various ways, but the short and kale of it is:

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen:

Gishwhes is a massive global scavenger Hunt that is part silliness, part art, part kindness and 100% fun.

It’s a 5-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins. Tens of thousands of participants from more than 100 countries join up to 15-person teams and for one week, through laughter, sweat and tears (of joy of course), they acquire Items on an insanely long and death2normalcy scavenger hunt list. The team that scavenges the most items with the highest quality of submissions joins Misha Collins on an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic locale (which sounds pretty abnosome, right? Right.)

The best thing about this hunt is that profits go towards RandomActs Charity – GIsHWHeS is it’s single largest donor – and many of the items are all about the community and being kind. They also require a lot of networking, making new friends, and having lots of courage to strut around in peanut buitter and feathers asking for hugs 🙂

So, I have an ENORMOUS favour to ask.

During the next week, I may post here, asking for help in some way for an item that requires it. It will be fun, and possibly weird and probably a bit crazy. I would really appreciate it if you could lend an arm, or a foot (as required) if you possibly can. I do not have a hamster to dress up as Ariel the little mermaid, but YOU might (for example). It would be AMAZING if anyone did manage to help out, as that’s the entire spirit of GIsHWHeS – spreading the kindness and crazy around 😀


-Let’s call me Lily

P.S. This is also a warning that you might see some random content from me in the next week. You have been warned 🙂

It’s for something abnosome, after all!

P.P.S. Unfortunately due to judging requirements etc, we can’t reveal any items while doing the Hunt, only after all teams have been judged. This takes a while. But you will eventually see the results of my crazy week.

Ongoing Conversations: The Problem with Writing it Down

Hello, this is me from 2014. Following a discussion with a friend, I re-read some things that I’d posted in regards to Iron Man 3, and let me tell you, me-of-2013, you missed A LOT. You also wrote in a very weird way.

So, what to do with you?

This is a question that I find myself facing more and more often: dated content. I wrote something, but now I don’t agree with what it was saying, or, more often, the way in which it was said – do I go back and re-write everything (which would take me years, I can tell, and I’d never post anything else…), or should I write new posts which link to the original and discuss my new thoughts, or should I just leave it?

As I haven’t been blogging for that long, especially not if I consider the veterans, who have been striding along for decades, I would really value your opinions on this one.


Let’s call me Lily

Possibly The Most Awkward Hour Of My Life

This is on the record. I hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

My first tutorial was today. From what I’d heard from fellow Uni students, tutorials rocked – they were informal discussions with just a few people you got to know quite well.

This one didn’t. For the five minutes during which the lecturer hadn’t arrived yet, there was an aggressive silence which would later characterise the tutorial. Every time I glanced up to try and say hello to the person beside me, they were texting or looking much too occupied to be bothered with me. So, coward that I am, I shut my mouth and said nothing.

There were about 12 of us in the room; I think about 5 hadn’t done the reading. Silence seemed to flourish and I felt really uncomfortable – for an entire hour, it was basically the lecturer, myself, a boy who also contributed, and another girl who would slip in with such gems of close reading that it made you feel like she was selecting what to share in order to keep the best for her notes and to put in her essay at the end of the course. I’m probably being cruel and it’s nothing of the sort, but that’s what it felt like to me.

Allowing questions to go unanswered is hard for me – especially as no one else was leaping in with a great idea. I felt obliged to offer something up – no doubt what the lecturer’s cultivated silences were supposed to do. However, my points were meagre – I am not the best at analysis at the best of times, as you really have to point something out to me before I ‘get it’. For example, when the lecturer asked for words that stood out, normally I never would’ve even tried to put an opinion out there, because when I read, all the words seem the same, and nothing stands out. I would’ve loved to hear other people’s thoughts, as that could help me pinpoint the type of words to look for when reading. As it was, I ended up talking a whole lot of shallow rubbish that even I didn’t think could be counted as close reading…and felt terrible as the other members stared at me from the corners of their eyes as they looked at their empty pages or laptop screens. Silently.

I hope this doesn’t repeat next week…I have even less to say on the next reading than I did this one!
Does anyone have any tips on how to encourage a proper conversation in tutorials, so that we all get the best of each other’s ideas?

Let’s call me Lily

English Literature?

I went to my first lecture where there was a reading involved.

I sat in the middle of a row. The girl beside me had no idea there was a reading assigned. She hadn’t looked at the course outlines. She hadn’t read the emails. She hadn’t seen the essential readings which were posted LAST YEAR. She hadn’t bought the book, made an effort to find the book, or even read the book online.

Behind me was a guy who I overheard saying that short stories suck because you can’t skip parts, and that “Shakespeare is awful”.

I wonder why these people are taking a non-compulsory English course. I really do.

On the other hand, I am really confused. I went to the lecture, I took my notes, I read the text…now what? Do I analyse the text myself? Do I not take notes, just find relevant quotes?

Also, I have to say the prospect of the essays is freaking me out a LOT. How are they different from high school ones, and what is expected from you? I can’t find any exemplars on the university website…

Any advise out there for me?
Let’s call me Lily

The Name Of The Doctor

You know how I said I’ve been catching up with Doctor Who??

Just now, I finished watching the very last episode of the revamped series….
The Name of The Doctor.

So, help???
Because people have to have invented a coping mechanism after watching THAT.

I have a lot of questions, there seem to be gaping holes in the story, and I’m not sure I like Clara.

(Also, there’s a part of my brain that is still on repeat, saying, “oh my god”: I thinks it’s stuck in a time loop of about 44 minutes)